Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekend Highlights

The past weekend was a perfect summer loooong weekend.

I got to make my rounds and catch up with fabulous friends and family.

We left last Thursday, our anniversary, to make the three hour treck back to Mississippi. 

What a weird way to celebrate your anniversary, driving west, splitting a club sandwich, and eating I-thought-it-came-with-the-sandwich rotel and chips. 

Fast talkers clearly confuses both of us from time to time. 

I was just glad that I was the one in the car and got to witness the very annoyed face of my hubster as he was bringing food across the parking lot. 

But I got my rotel. :)

Friday, we went our separate ways. I headed north to some old stomping grounds and he stayed around the home place. 

I had coffee and laughs with school friends and then went next door to Huey's and had lunch with some crazy friends - Brooke and Amber, and one middle sister. 

I have no pictures to prove any of this, but lots of good memories. 

Brooke has two sweet girls that just cracked me up. One has an awesome poker face and the other just wants to get jiggy with it. They both shared their personalities with us all throughout lunch. 

After lunch, Amber, Middle, and I went thrifting in which Amber found a rocker/glider for her new counseling office. It came with an ottoman, which she promptly worked her selling magic and sold.

After burning calories with these sweet and funny ladies, Como Steakhouse was in order with the family. 

I always love with both of our families can enjoy sharing a sausage and cheese plate as a preview before a ginormous steak and potato.  

We left full and happy. 

I enjoyed the ride and the company. 

I snapped this on the way there. iPhone photography is the bomb.

Saturday, we went our separate ways again since Ken was in his cousin's wedding in Tupelo. 

He went on ahead while I stayed behind and helped my parents with their rental house (a little painting was involved), took Tootsie to the lake,

and helped plan my parents and grandparents Disney trip. 

That last part is correct and true. 

I can't imagine what that trip with hold. 

I finally got in the car with my sweet mother-in-law and headed to the wedding, finding and scrubbing paint off in various places on my arms and legs so I could look presentable.

The wedding was perfect from the cool breezes during the ceremony to the strawberry wedding cake. 

I got two slices - one for me and one for Ken.

He then rounded the corner with his own piece and forced me to eat the two slices I got. 

It was pure torture, I tell you. 

The groom's cake was Reese's and while that sounded delicious it was also decorated with things from that school "Up North."

I did not let it touch my lips. No, I did not. 

I also got to see this precious girl.

Let's pretend I have my hand on my hip and look incredibly sassy with thinner arms. 

After a round of this,

we headed back home.

Sunday morning, I got up and went blueberry picking. I must tell you that picking blueberries on a cool, breezy morning is very therapeutic. 

Eating while you pick is even better. 

After church and a rather large Sunday dinner of crappy, chicken, hushpuppies, and fixins', we waddled ourselves to the car for the long drive back to east.

It seemed that we chased a rainbow all the way home.

No leprechaun or pot of gold was found, just a lot of pictures and feeling loved by God's blessings. 

I promptly picked a large bouquet of flowers to welcome our arrival and long week ahead of us.

I hope you have a great wet fourth!

I don't know how it is going to be with a rainy rest of the week. Good thing I'm about to get my cook on! 


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