Monday, July 8, 2013

Being a Country Girl ...

This past week, I caught a glimpse of one of our dreams.

It involved lots of land, junkin', and berry pickin'.

One of my new found friends who shares the same soul as I do invited me for lunch and junkin' in her shed.

We drank from mason jars and pulled leftovers out of her fridge to make a meal.

We finished with chocolate cobbler.

She is a woman after my own heart.

The hospitality and friendship that was shared at that table makes my heart soar.

We then changed into tight blue jeans and went out to the shed.

Summer makes tight blue jeans you know.

She is not afraid of snakes, but is of roaches.

I am the total opposite.

We found lots of treasures that I will be excited to use as displays at my next craft fair.

The deal of the day was a large farmhouse sink with a metal cabinet. I can't wait to see what she does with it!

I was so far out in the country that I had no cell phone coverage which completely freaked my husband out.

I love when I think we have conversations and he doesn't.

He was already looking for me and figuring out what he was going to tell the police, when I finally received text messages and phone calls, and was able to call him back.

We were finally reunited and it felt so good.

Bless him.

Maybe he will pay attention next time.


We then picked up one of our favorite neighbors to pick wild blackberries in a little sliced of heaven.

It was fabulous picking in a peaceful, quiet place while watching the sunset.

One day all of this will become a reality.

Until then, I will just pretend my little acre is a few more acres and grow, grow, grow!


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