Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was slam packed of going here, there, and yonder. 

Then mother nature decided to bless me which made this girl weepy, hormonal, tired, and cranky. 

Thank goodness that the Americans created the Reese Egg for Easter. I seriously tried to live off them right after I had my meltdown in the Walmarts. 

Friday night, Middle had her Sierra Leone photography displayed for Trolley Nights on South Main Street in Memphis.



If you live in the area, Trolley Nights happen the last Friday of the month. You can peruse shops, boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries while snaking on treats and sipping on beverages.

It is a unique experience even if every time we walked in an art gallery, my daddy would say, "What am I looking for?" 

Can't take him anywhere sophisticated. 

Mama, the always trying to make connections with others every where we go, found someone she taught with from the Delta over 30 years ago. 

So if you decide to go to Trolley Nights, you can find a little bit of everything there - goodies and people. 

Saturday was wet, wet, wet. I was suppose to hunt Easter Eggs with my adopted nephew, but after grabbing a bag of Reese's eggs, I decided to just limit my interactions of large crowds for the afternoon. I did visit my grandparents and my in-laws before finally taking a nap. 

Later on, we went to hear Middle perform a monologue at church before topping the night off at Huey's. 

Sunday, the Home Alone airport music played in my head as we scrambled to get lunch prepped before church. My parents normally host both sides of the family for Easter. We had 39 people, an indoor Easter Egg Hunt, tons of delicious food, and of course Reese's Eggs. 

(Doesn't everyone have an uncle that naps on a Sunday afternoon?)


There was also "snow" in the shop that my sweet adopted nephew found ...


Tootsie also showed off her acrobatic jumps from the dock ...



Such grace ...

Easter weekend involved many irons in the fire much like the rest of the month of April.

I have over-committed and just want to stick my tongue out at the whole month. 

There is a wedding, a craft fair, some birthdays, and school along with all the domesticated stuff one must do to make sure the family is clean and fed. There is also a garden to plant and flowers to buy. 

Life is beautifully busy, and I need it to be, even if I feel the need to breathe in a brown paper bag. 

Otherwise, I would just hibernate. 


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  1. I love when you blog! You are beautiful inside & out and I have often prayed for you.


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