Monday, April 15, 2013

A Glamorous Rustic Wedding ....

This weekend involved a little glam with a touch of rustic bling.


For there was a wedding in a field.

There were church doors and a gorgeous chandy against blue skies

and some


in a beautifully lit barn.

There was the tool inspired groom's table

and the blushing bride's table

Delicious apple butter favors were surrounded by vintage happiness

along with the gift table.


Then there was the food table

and delicate flowers in mason jars gracing vintage hankies and burlap table toppers.

And a grandmother leading the Harlem Shake

(Most of these pictures are from my cousin's Instagram and the mother of the bride's Facebook since I did not get a chance to take many pictures.)

It was a day to celebrate this sweet couple.

and to be mesmerized by lanterns

There was much work involved. A barn had to be cleared and platforms built. Many family members and friends work effortlessly for many weeks to make this day special - aka we worked out tails off, but unfortunately for me, mine is still following me around.

I got to bond even more with more people I knew and now have partners in crime wedding decorating for life.

My husband was my rock. He smiled and did everything that was asked of him, and even told someone with his very best smile, that I made him more productive. :)

My aunt and cousin not only helped our team set up the barn for the reception but also managed to bring tears to the eyes of the congregation with a gorgeous rendition of "The Rose" as the bride and her father made their appearance.

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple and their new family.

I got to meet new people and celebrate with others.

I especially enjoyed sitting around the breakfast table for 4 hours with these two ...


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