Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekend Highlight ... This Past Weekend

I am finally caught up. 

Last week was mainly relaxing for a change, and I almost did not know what to do with myself. So I went to Target to buy outdoor pillows, ran to get Ken some medicine, and had a small wreck in my own yard with minor damage to my vehicle and my father-in-law's truck. I am one heck of a daughter-in-law, and he is one forgiving father-in-law.

Friday evening, we beat the senior citizens to dinner at our favorite Mexican place. Eating dinner at 4:00 is one of the perks of being an educator.

I also played in my favorite antique place, University Pickers, and went to a thrift store, where I scored some burlap pillow cases, in which, I will use them for something else. How could you sleep on burlap pillow cases?

After all our running around, we went home to walk the Tootsie girl, because after all her shenanigans, she needs to walk. Did I mention she ate a whole loaf of bread last week? We had to go “all hide your pizza, hide your bread, because there is a sneaky eater up in here” in our house.

I spoke to the vet who recommended a thyroid test. Since Ken was not with me, I agreed because Toots had not stole food off the counter in a few years. Her results came back fine, so they left a message saying that she just has bad behavior and may need some new shampoo. I got all that for $79 + I finally saw the word “sucker” written across my forehead. Thank you very much. 

Despite this, we love our vet, and Tootsie does not act a fool in there like she does in other public places. 

 I love Friday night walks with cool breezes. It makes the neighbors come out, and so we spent most of our walk visiting with folks. We need to bring the front porches back!

Once we got home, we lit a fire in the chiminea, and sat outside for almost two hours. There is something about a fire and cool breezes gently running through your hair as well as a party on the group text with your friends.

The power of group texts! Have you tried it? It will run your battery down, but keep your spirits high.

Saturday morning was LAZY. Another perk of being an educator is that you cannot sleep past seven. Our window was open and the smell of yard sales came sweeping in. I got up, put my yoga pants on, and walked next door to realize that I was no longer in a treasure hunting mood. The downloading of fonts picked my interests along with an almost pot of coffee.

*Note to self, if you intend on sitting on the computer all morning, don’t drink an almost pot of coffee. It will have you running for the lavatory more than you want.

However, as I was pouring, yet, another cup of coffee, I saw a cardinal family sifting through my yard looking for things for their own house. I could not help, but smile and think … how beautiful, even the birds yard sale and bargain to make their homes cozy and delightful.

The rest of the day involved weeping and gnashing of weeds, hand raking leaves out of flower beds, and numerous trips to the compost pile. 

You read that right, hand raking leaves. It is not for the faint of heart, but it does give you time to ponder such things as life, blessings, and why there is currently no yard boy. If I had a yard boy, I could save this early-thirty-something body for more enjoyable things such as pedicures, picking out fabric, rearranging my patio, 

and reaping the benefits of having a yard boy. But, no, there is no yard boy, so, 6 hours later, I did the total body work out, gardening style, established the base of my farmer’s tan, and was more like Pig-Pen.

A shower was in order and then bed rest, because I did not stretch this early-thirty-something body well enough and was already feeling the burn.

As we were eating our leftover Mexican around 5ish, I look at the handsome man, with the bright blue eyes, sitting across me and said, “What do you want to do?” After a few rounds back and forth, I finally mentioned either movies or Lowe’s to start our project. He looked at me and replied, “I was thinking the same thing.” In some cases, when you are married, two really become one, and it is scary at times. You realize that your truly married your best friend. 

Lowe’s won out as well as making a pit stop at the local ice cream place. We had gift cards burning a hole in our pockets, people, and a project a comin’.

We spent the rest of the evening partying on the patio. 

I helped with some cuts, but I am amazingly slow. Ken did all the hard stuff, like cut angles, figuring out what needs to go with what, and making sure everything is level. I showed some Pretzel Crisps who was boss and threatened to go get fast food, because I had the late night munchies.

There was also a party pooper ...

At midnight, I finally asked if we could finish tomorrow. Ken looked as if he could have heard that an hour ago.

However, 6:49 a.m., Sunday morning, I bounce up and was raring to go. Tootsie girl and I enjoyed the melodious birds, cool breezes, and a nice cup of coffee for me, not her. She is already chocolate enough. 

There was also a sweet devotion and spray paint involved, but not at the same time. 

I am almost positive that tomorrow at 5 a.m., I will not be bouncing off the walls and wonder why I did not get more sleep this weekend. 

We finally finished our project. So details coming soon!   



  1. How wonderful!!Sounds amazing!! Love your posts!! Love your new looks also!!

  2. Two things:
    I love your blog.
    And I love YOU!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend,minus the family fender-bender and the vet bill. I'm glad that Tootsie is okay though and that your FIL is a forgiving guy. University Pickers sounds like a great place! Your patio turned out great!

    Can't believe the weekend is almost here again. Wishing you more great finds and relaxation!



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