Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last Week's Weekend Highlights

I am a little behind schedule as far as sharing our weekends. 

We could label this as Mississippi Weekend, Part 2

I was in a thrifting mood this weekend. Which is a good thing since I conveniently had to use the bathroom at the Goodwill in Corinth, MS. May I mention that is a really nice Goodwill and on my way back from the bathroom, some lampshades and vintage pillow cases may have followed me out after making a pit stop at the register?

Oh the joys of traveling to Mississippi. These bathroom stops make my husband's eyes roll.

Speaking of the husband, he spent last weekend and this weekend putting in a security system in our parents's church with the help of both our fathers and a few men from church. They can now record the sermons and keep a watch out on the parking lot. All the men involved have totally geeked out over this system.

So Saturday, for me, involved thrifting with Mama and Middle. We hit some yard sales and some thrift stores, while spending some quality time praying for our lives. One reason is that I may or may not have told my mother that she was no longer a fun mother since she refused to participate in the yard rolling escapade from last weekend. She then proceeded to prove to us that she was a fun mother by driving her race car all over Memphis. I'm pretty sure my face and hands stayed plastered to the window because I saw my life flash before my eyes more than I desired. 

Another reason we prayed for our lives is that Middle introduced us to some new treasure stores. Some of these treasure stores had pig trails that you traveled hoping it did not lead to a meat locker. We survived and came home with some prizes, our lives being the greatest of all.

So we ate, hunted, and laughed until it hurt and I got a McCarty creamer for$.50!

Sunday morning involved a good country breakfast prepared by Old McDonald himself who also showed me how to make his scrumptious, famous steaks that he was serving for lunch for the preacher and his wife.

I had the best seat in the house Sunday morning as the new preacher took his post. I had my sweet in-laws on my left and my parents on my right. My husband was in the sound booth making sure the security system was working properly. Boys and their toys.

The service was good and involved a few tears and passing of tissues. There were a lot of prayers and hugs and love being spread around. Afterwards, I had to check my face to make sure I was not mistaken for being a member of Kiss.

Lunch was good as well as the company. We are excited for this new couple as they embark on this new journey in our hometown.

So you may have reached this point and want to know about Tootsie.

Well, she ate another whole pizza again.

Sneaky devil.

Thank goodness my parents ate what they wanted from the first pizza. The funny part was that when Mama dropped Middle and me off at Middle's place, she said, "Tootsie said to order her a pizza." Karma is not a good thing.

There was a 3 am bathroom call where Tootsie got me in the kisser. She needs to trim her whiskers, but it got my attention even though I was already awake to watch the hour go by that we lost last night.

Lesson: Put all food up from counter unless you want Tootsie to be on clean up  crew.

So here is to a week where you will be making up for the hour lost. At least there will be sunlight.


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