Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry and Bright ...

Merry and Bright

That is how I want our holiday season to be! 

I started out with a pallet wood that I painted white and blue/gray, added some snowflakes, propped a barn yard frame with snowflake hoops, and finished off with a Merry and Bright sign that I made. I shopped our house for blue and hints of pink and yellow. 

I am so glad that I began thrifting, because the rest of the eye candy was found here, there, and yonder mostly with Middle

Love this little scene with my Peter's birds, blue mason jar, and creamer that was my Great-Grandmother's. Add and little bling, and you have a sweet, sweet space that makes your heart smile. 

One of my favorite pieces from pallet wood. The font is lullaby.

Just in case you can't identify everything in this vignette, it is made up of insulators, dried hydrangea in a creamer dish, "Peace" sign made by one of my former students, hankies collected from yonder, "O Happy Day" sheet music, my aunt's perfume mirror, thrifting handmade trivet, painted dish clothes made by my grandmother, and a phone Ken found somewhere. Ken also made his little wooden name. 

My centerpiece of blue and clear mason jars, jute, and jingle bells. 

Can you tell everything has a story?

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  1. I love ALL of this Haven!! You are so talented! Merry Christmas to y'all!

  2. Love how sweet and peaceful this looks. The sign is really cute!


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