Friday, December 21, 2012

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things ...

 Our dining room is pretty much the same every year - very traditional.

At the time of photographs, this room was not complete. At the time of this post, it is still not complete, and I don't see it being complete in the near future. Time is running out for me and Christmas decorating skills, my friends. 

So take a little imaginary and reality tour with me. 

In my head, there are dancing snowflakes on red chords hanging from the the chandelier. 

The poinsettia is swaddled in beautiful red, linen fabric. 

Even though I love this vignette, pretend that there is some fresh sprigs from the holly berry bush in our yard in an arrangement to add a little greenery to this display. 

Imagine there is snowflakes in the branches, red sparkly Christmas balls in the dishes, and my red "Ho, Ho, Ho" sign. All of these things are currently taking a long winter's nap in the attic. 

Now, despite not having everything just like I wanted it to be, this did turn out just like I imagined it. To shake up this little traditional table of mine, I added  my silver serving platters as chargers ...

and some beautiful pretty ladies with ribbon foundations.


Christmas is not about having everything just perfect. I would love to have my dining room picture ready with everything so, so, but I am learning that is okay.

Thank you for taking this imaginary/reality journey with me and accepting me as I am. 

So maybe everything wasn't what I imagined, but maybe I am just taking notes for next year! :)

I just need to get started in the summer. 



  1. Great minds think alike Haven!! Check out my post today of things that I wanted to get accomplished, but failed miserably. Hey, there's always next year, right?! But who knows... we may have our hands full this time in 2013! Merry Christmas to y'all. We love you, Ken and sweet Tootsie! Praying everyday for our 2013 wish! Enjoy your time with family, AND take lots of pictures! (Like you needed reminding! HA!)

  2. So pretty!!! Love the Christmas cheer!


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