Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Update

Well, my summer days are now in the low single digits in that I start school next week – in a new position. If you have been a reader for a while, you are probably wondering, “Hasn't this happened every year?”  Why, yes it has.  I think God wants me to work on my transitioning skills. I really do.

I lived in Alabama 4 years now. Crazy right?

The first year, I substituted up and down Winchester Road, met a lot of great people, and made lots of contacts.

The second year, I was a 7th grade counselor, but due to budget cuts had to pass the Praxis to teach 8th grade Physical Science. I did, thank you, Jesus, and proceeded to teach in 8th grade. This was my 3rd year with those students and the 3rd time that particular principal hired me.

This year, I will be leaving my sweet middle school family for the intermediate school as an Academic Counselor where this will be the third time I worked with this principal.

Confused, yet? I have been stolen and re-stolen and have a feeling that someone will attempt to kidnap me again. My transitioning skills are improving, and I can pack and unpack a room in about 3 ½ hours. However, I think my husband is really burned out on moving me.

(My middle school family - I will be coming to every shower, retirement party, or social event you have. You can't get rid of me that easy!)

So on to Summer Highlights! 

This summer, I have been covered in dirt with tomato stained hands.

 I have found paint in my hair, on my legs, and in places I did not know paint could go.

Tootsie and I have walked, sniffed out squirrels and chipmunks, felt breezes or lack there of in the yard twice a day, and played hide-in-go-seek.

"Mama, when are you going back to school? I need some rest!"

I had tried numerous new recipes thanks to the mouth watering pins many of you display on Pinterest.

I have thrifted and yardsaled in order to make our home a creative and inspiring place to live.

I discovered that James Patterson writes about Alex Cross and I have been burning up the books while drinking a cold pop. (Thanks to she-who-shall-remain-nameless for introducing me to this funny video)

Our family has attempted make as many splashes in the Tennessee River as possible while listening to our solar powered radio.  Tootsie was the captain, Ken was the navigator, and not only was I the Pringle taster, I was the photographer and videographer.

I finally over came my fear of canning and canned some tomatoes along with putting up squash, okra, green beans, and blueberries. I feel like a squirrel preparing for winter.

We traveled to Wyoming, the beach, tubing on Lake Guntersville, Nashville, and Mississippi.

I have found my golden light ...

And got to photography this cutie.

We have lived in the moments as much as possible.

We are learning that life is short and memories are meant to be made.

We are trying to live with less so we can live with more.

Isn’t it amazing that at 30 years old, you feel so wise, only knowing that you still have a lot to learn?

That is what my summer has been about. Living and learning and getting surprises along the way.



  1. You have had a full, but fun summer! I am going to miss seeiing you all the time at Buckhorn. I know you will be back soon though! See you for Teacher Tuesday in a few!

  2. Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer & that video is incredible!

  3. Sweet sweet summertime! And toots will be lost without you when you start back. Poor baby with have withdrawals after the first week! =)


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