Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Last Thursday, after making breakfast items for our beach trip

and these cute things for some sweet, handsome boys that I was about to see, 

I was determined that we were almost ready for our beach trip with the Cotton's and the Oglesby's. 

I could not wait to get up the next morning and head for sunshine and sand.

But, the next day never came. 

In fact, the afternoon came first when my phone rang verifying that we were actually leaving on Friday morning not Thursday afternoon. I verified, that yes, indeed we were. 

Apparently, she-who-shall-remain-nameless, packed all their things and everything the baby owned in her Accord, informed her husband to put the pedal to the metal, and shot out of her driveway only to text another friend 15 minutes later to ask when she was getting to the condo. 

Other friend: "3 pm tomorrow."

Now, I can only imagine after packing up baby gear, she-who-shall-remain-nameless, slapped herself on the forehead and decided it was only right to continue on her trek. 

Who really wanted to unload baby crap only to load it back up again?

It only gets better. 

My husband comes in, I laughably tell him what has happened and he decided to join the crazy train. 

So we put the pedal to the metal and shot out of our driveway too. 

We had been packed since Tuesday. 

We finally arrived at 11:30 pm on Thursday night, threw the covers over our head and awoke to sunshine, palm trees, and a BFF that was about to take down our door. 

Mothers with babies seem to wake up early. 

Once everyone arrived at our fabulous condo, vacation was on like Donkey Kong: 

~ The boys loved their buckets

 ~ We pitied the fool who messed with this one. He was always on the run, and most of my pictures are blurry. 

~ We played endless games of "How much is that child in the window"

~ We awoke to shrills, cries, sweet smiles, and laughter at 6:30, sharp, every morning. 

~ We feasted on quiche, sausage muffins, sausage crescents, and hashbrown casserole for breakfast and chicken salad and pimento cheese for lunch, snack, and the extra helping of snack. 

~ We made our appearances at Docs, Lulu's, Shrimp Basket, and brought home boiled shrimp one night. Another night, we indulged the official pizza of the New Orlean's Saints. 

~ I ran into one of my childhood friends and her mother at Lulu's. Lawren writes a very creative blog about her family as well as for Mobile Bay Magazine. We loved crafting together, and I can't imagine what all we would had created if I had not moved away after Kindergarten! 

~ We picked through the picked through Tanger Outlets. 

~ I ran into some other Delta friends at the outlet mall. I am my mother's child. 

~ We went to the beach to play, "How many white folks we could fit under an umbrella?"

In which, one was Not. Having. It. At. All.

The other ate, drank, and napped. My kind of child. 

2 out of the 3 husbands basically refused sunblock. Mine allowed me to only put it on his back and arms, so can you imagine what he looked like after being out in the sun? Yea, we always try to tell them, right?

~ After putting the babies down for the night, we created an adult nightclub on the balcony while waiting on some homemade ice cream. We played our beloved Catch Phrase - boys against the girls. 

I must say that the girls beat the "Pancake Princesses" 3 times. There is a rumor that is was only twice, but as a key witness, I can verify that it was indeed 3 times. 

~ Another night we had a "Girls Only Room" where each husband would get curious and poke their head in. Dangerous. We had them waiting on us hand and food. Needless to say, all three only opened the door one time. It was fun while it lasted. 

So after spending four days with beloved friends and shrilling babies, making great memories, and laughing a thousand times a day, I decided that there really is no place like home. 

By the way, those babies also sleep most of the way home. What can I say, we wore them out!They DID NOT WEAR US OUT. No, they did not!



  1. 1. Your posts make me hungry.
    2. Wish I had been there too.
    3. Miss you!

  2. I totally agree with Brooke's #s 1,2,&3!

    Glad you gals and boys had fun!

  3. I'm glad a good time was had by all!

  4. Haven, it sounds like a wonderful vacation! I'm impressed and amazing that you were packed up so early in the week, making it easy for your family to switch gears and leave early. Your photos are lovely and have me longing for a weekend away with friends.

  5. It was fun to read this after hearing about it at the pool a few weeks back. I am catching up on my blog reading! Hope to see you tomorrow!


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