Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gallery Wall

Every now and then, I think it is healthy to mix up some things around the house. 

This time I chose my gallery wall in the living room.

At Christmas it looked like this

But after finding this mirror,

I began to play around with things that I had or recently made or received.

Then I got this and it totally changed everything. 

Middle sister is the beautiful photographer behind this photo. I am sure that you have already guessed that. 

We also made this lovely sign from pallet wood.

So with all this combined, we got this. 

I just got the rest of the stuff from around the house.  

It is one of the first things I see when I walk in, of course after Ken and Tootsie. It makes me smile! 

I love how you can see all different angles of the house through the mirror. It is especially fun first thing in the morning as I go down to the laundry room to feed the Tootsie Girl. That will probably be the only time I don't look into it. 

So with this gallery wall, there came others throughout the house. 

Ken spent the afternoon rehanging pictures around the house.

Bless him. 

I told him that he would not have to do it again for another two years. 

Ken's mother gave me the painted canvas for Christmas. His cousin, Brittany, painted it for me! How pretty! 

You may remember my "Its a Wonderful Life" board from here



  1. Haven, I love the way you compose your gallery wall. Both the old and new versions are fabulous! So beautiful, meaningful and artful! That mirror was a terrific find, and it looks perfect in white! Your sister is definitely a talented photographer -- of course, she had great "material" to work with :-)

  2. love it all! i love gallery walls!

  3. That picture is incredible! Go Brook! Love the gallery wall!!

  4. Haven I LOVE that "It's a wonderful life"--that is my favorite quote!


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