Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Almost 30 ...

I am almost 30 and yet, I am feeling that life is just beginning. I don't feel as old as I once thought 30 was, but I have noticed some changes

I am older and I have more insurance.

Just kidding ... maybe.

I notice that I care a little bit more about my appearance. I got a mini-makeover recently at the Clinic counter and the first words out of my mouth was "Wow, I look younger!" My sweet, darling, thank-goodness-his-eyesight-is-not-that-good husband agreed!

This is my almost 30 outfit ...

but after trying on those hose, um, those are a little too much for an almost 30 year old.

I also have the desire to want to exercise and be healthy. Desire would be the key word because my motivation is lacking.

I will think about that tomorrow.

I am looking forward to my birthday gift from my friends. One thing my friends and I have always done for birthdays is to combine our money for whatever the Birthday Girl wants under a certain amount. This year I have asked for a Victoria Secret gift cards.

Why you ask? I need a new bra. I feel that proper support may be necessary in my near future.


I am older and I have more insurance.



  1. Haven Daniels, let me tell you just how much you are going to LOVE being 30!! It feels wonderful. Yes, you have more insurance, but you are finally coming into that person that you always wanted to be and know that you are you and know that nothing can change it. I think you hold your head a little higher once you turn thirty. You are going to love it and I know you are going to have one amazing birthday. PS — I got a new bra for my birthday, too. These girls needed some extra, um, lift! =) Love you and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Love this post! 30 is not old - embrace it! A new bra always makes me feel like a new woman - so that's a great birthday present! :)

  3. So--yeah--when I turned 30 folks asked me how I felt and I told them that I felt just the same but, need wrinkle cream and push up bra! ha


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