Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Have a Simple Halloween

For the first time in our married life of 2 years, we are actually home to celebrate Halloween. I am not one of those to go all out, but I did a few things ...

Candy is a must!

Lots and lots of candy ...

in treat bags that have been sitting in your attic for over 7 years! :)

A witches hat ... just for kicks

Please pardon the picture, for I know not what I did! :)
Trees that are balding beautifully ...

Oh those leaves!

Spookiness (What I awoke to Saturday morning!)

And you must not leave out the pumpkin!

Happy Halloween, my friends! May your tricks and treats be tasteful and fabulous!!!

P.S. I will be riding my broom tomorrow to school to get those pretties and maybe a little dog too, who will be dressed in her bumble bee costume!


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