Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Highlights ...

Creme de la Creme and Comma Delimited seem to be the words of a weekend. I believe Ken must have dreamed up these words Saturday night, because on Sunday, he couldn't get enough of them. He also could not figure out what the point of reference was. Much repetition led to singing this ...

We have been taking a lot of Zyrtec. Can you tell?

This is how we ended the weekend, but call me Paul Harvey and let me tell you the rest of story ...

Friday started off with a bang with I couldn't sleep any longer and my clock said 4:15 a.m. What's a girl to do? Clean House

I crashed and burned around 8 am.

Friday night, we went to the Po Boy Factory, and I must say I can't wait to go back. It may be because of the Hot Damn Sauce.

It had me at Hot.

Saturday was a lazy craft day where I didn't shower until 5:00 pm. I know you could care less about my personal hygiene, but I just wanted to share that I was clean on Saturday.

I had a hot date with my husband in downtown Huntsville. There was no Hot Damn Sauce, but there was Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Gelato Ice Cream. There was also a lovely cool breeze blowing perfect for walking.

We stumbled upon some great music and fried pickles where I immediately said, "I'm game!"

Both were fantastic, but being that is was 10:30 and way past my bed time, I had to throw in the towel! Just call me Maw Maw!

Sunday, my husband accompanied me to the Craft Fair to get some inspiration. We got inspiration alright - around the dip table. We walked out with three dips and some chili mix.

Ladies, that is how you entertain your husband at the Craft Fair.

May your week be Creme de la Creme and if you plan on exporting anything, be sure that it is Comma Delimited!

Stay tuned for my fall decor!


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  1. HA, you are no maw maw... but I feel your early bedtime — I have been in the bed before 8:30 all weekend long thanks to phenegran. Glad you and the hubs had a wonderful weekend... next weekend is the one I have been looking forward to for many days. May this week FLY by!! Have a wonderful week! Kiss Toots for me!


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