Friday, August 19, 2011

Last minute fling ... Before and After

Well, I had made my list of projects of what I wanted to accomplish before going back to school, and this was not on the list.

This was one of those projects that got in my head, and I had to do it. Like yesterday.

I will say that it wasn't bad, except for the taping.

Blue tape is called blue painter's tape which I found out was a double negative.

It kept falling until I painted over it and then some of it stuck to the wall. Hello, painter's tape!

I was told later the green tape is better to use. I have never even heard of green tape, but will be using it the next time I try to paint some racing stripes (as my husband calls them!) on my wall.
Here is the before ...

The during ... falling tape!

and the after



  1. That looks awesome! I love horizontal stripes!! Great job

  2. I LOVE it!! And I've never heard about green tape either, but I'll take that person's advice and try it when we start painting.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the stripes! So perfectly done.



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