Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime ...

Throughout our time in Savannah, I was humming this song as I went beyond my glistening stage.

Thank goodness our tour group had air conditioned bus that would pick you up in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes we would just ride and welcome people as they got on to avoid the heat stroke.

We decided to go with this tour group because they were less expensive, locally owned, and they had air conditioned buses. (who plans a July vacay in the South with out finding an air conditioned bus?)

I loved how we stayed on the trolley for 90 minutes to get to know the history of the different areas of Savannah and to scope out what we really wanted to go back and see.

However, the first order of business after the tour was to go get on the “list”

for lunch at Paula Dean’s.

Then we walked, and walked, and walked in different areas of Savannah.

Thank goodness we walked so much because once we arrived at PD's we said ...
Buffet for two, please.

Gooey Butter Cake, Please.

It was worth every bite.

I’m not a huge fan of macaroni and cheese, but I would eat hers any day!

We sat in the park where they filmed Forrest Gump:

The actual bench is at the Savannah Museum. It came from Home Depot.
We did not have our box of chocolates, because we already ate them.

We did see the steeple where the feather fell ...

We took some home tours of the Davenport House

Boot Scraper on stairs

Fish Rain Spout

 and the Owen-Thomas Home (Which I kept calling the Owen-Wilson home! This is Savannah, not Hollywood)

We saw the home of Jim Williams, the man that In The Midnight Garden of Good and Evil is based on

We got a Groupon for a ghost walking tour. Not so good:

1. It’s the middle of summer

2. More walking
3. You start to believe that sometimes you get what you paid for …

4. Our tour guide got assaulted by a 3 foot tall, bald head man that seemed to enjoy the Savannah food as much as we did. So our ghost tour became its own ghost when our guide called the cops. (I saw a sign that read NY is boring. Savannah never sleeps. Apparently not)

5. Found my ice cream place!

Making ice cream right since 1919.

We visited 4 floors of a house full of antiques and didn’t mind the sweat that was pouring. Did you know heat rises?

Ken liked the secretaries ...

While I liked the benches ...

Rode a river boat to catch the view of the Savannah River

Oldest building in Savannah made out of ballast stone.

City Hall with gold dome

Old Cotton Warehouses now restaurants and business that make up River Street

My favorite story: The Waving Girl

The sky was just beautifully breathtaking ...

Next Up: Tybee Island!



  1. Oh I love it! Jonathon and I had Savannah as one of our honeymoon choices because it is a place we would both love to visit. Hmmm maybe our one year anniversary! :) Thanks for sharing it looks like great fun!

  2. After hearing how much you loved it and considering how much I would LOVE to go... I think we will plan a trip to Savannah during the late fall. Why? Because me and "glistening" do NOT get along. =) Love all the pictures and the story! Makes me ready to go!!


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