Sunday, May 8, 2011

Say What???

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day whether you were celebrating the day with your mother or with you children! We were unable to spend the day with our mothers unlike last year, but wished them a very Happy Mother's Day through cards and phone calls.

Ken took me to eat at our one of our favorite places, Phil Sandoval's, because he said that Tootsie told him to. Apparently they had this discussion during her morning feedings before she devoured her food. It was marvelous!

Any hoo ...

 I love how words seem to inspire so many avenues of life. I often look at words and sayings as beautiful works at art that create emotions.

I finally bit the bullet, pulled out my Cricut and vinyl, and brought some wonderful words to special places in our home.

First, I started in my craft corner. I figured I need some inspiration as I dream and create in here.

I then moved to my front door for this ...

and my back door for this ...

and the back of the back door for this ...

Words inspire us to face the day much like this saying.

For those that know where this comes from, I am sure you are laughing right now.

For those that do not, we had a wonderful home economics teacher that always said this to her students as they left her class. She is now retired and owns a flower and gift shop, and I always enjoy visiting with her. She had the gift of making everyone feel so good about themselves, true to being a gracious Southern Belle.
It makes us smile every time we leave the house! I figured we needed this to remind us of how to face the day!

My wish for each and everyone of you is to

"Have a Large Day!"


  1. Have a large day ......absolutely fabulous!

  2. I love the vinyl. I, too love words. Awesome. I want one of those machines now. So neat!

  3. So sweet that you were celebrated as a mom, too! And as always, so creative and crafty! Hope you're having a great week!!

  4. I love it! Especially the "welcome" & "numbers" on your door.


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