Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Delta Wedding and a Homecoming

There are weddings and then there are Delta weddings. What's the difference? Well, Delta weddings have live bands, fun dancing , and a food table that has all kinds of delightful, delicious food from catfish to sweet potatoes! There was even a strawberry flavored wedding cake and a jalapeno shaped red velvet groom's cake. This wedding did not disappoint at all, and Daddy, Mama, Middle, and me were lucky enough to partake in this fantastic celebration after Amber's shower on Saturday.

Even thought the wedding was fabulous, I enjoyed the ride even better. I love going through small towns like Alligator, Rome, Mount Bayou, and Merigold (I wonder why I love the last two so much?)

The waters are muddy ..

The land is flat ...

there are groves of pecan (PEE-CAN) trees ...

and downtowns are still used.

The best part was visitng with our family friends as well as driving past the house that all of came home from the hospital to ...

We stopped for a quick pic, serenaded the house with a certian Miranda Lambert song, and jumped back in the truck before the owners came after us with pitchforks and broom.

I always look forward to a trip to the Delta! It is a whole 'nother world!

On a side note ...

After robbing a gas station of chicken livers (chicken strips for me), Brook kept insisting on scratching Daddy's head with her foot. He proceeded to light her up with a BBQ lighter.

Yes, this is my family, and no, they are not for sale! 


  1. My parents are from the Delta, and we refer to it as the Twilight Zone. Seriously, it's a whole nother world! Glad y'all had fun.

  2. Love this post! Feel like I went to the Delta and back with you. I haven't been since high school for choral recitals (ages ago)... however, my dad is there once a month. Their favorite place to stay - The Alluvian. And their favorite place to eat is nothing but a hole in the wall. (After all, they usually are the best places to eat!)


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