Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Planting ...

Oh how I love getting prepared for Spring planting and flowers!

I recently purchased some of these:

To begin growing some "babies" to put in our garden and flower beds

Ken has also installed some of these to help our flowers grow and eliminate me from watering daily! Yeah!

We have also been discussing enlarging our garden with some of these: 

I have also been using this a lot lately ...

Yes, this is a pick axe, and I laughed the first time Ken gave it to me to use to dig. After using it, I stopped laughing, and realized that this is far better than any shovel.
No, that is not mulch in the picture. That would be the blasted roots that seem to be every where in our yard! I substitute chopping roots for strength training at the gym. 
See, the pick axe comes in handy when you need to plant all these daylilies

and irises.

The pansies are looking great, but I cannot wait to put my summer plants in my window boxes!

This is my new friend ... a limelight hydrangea!

I have noticed that I look forward to working in our yard each afternoon and that any stress tends to melt away!

I truly believe that not only is laughter the best medicine but nature as well!


  1. Fun times for sure and SUCH great weather!!

  2. Haven - I can agree with you that the strengthen training is in the pulling/chopping of the weeds and roots. Good grief, we have been working in the flower beds every evening this week and I'm exhausted. We have out of town guests coming in this weekend and hope to have the last of the weeds out of the last bed by then. On a side note, my gerber daisies are about to bloom. Makes it all worth while when everyone talks about how beautiful your yard is! Can't wait to see what color your daylilies are. I think mine have tripled in size over the past 2 years!


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