Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Affair ...

Well, I have been a little MIA here lately. It is because I have been having an affair with this wonderful Spring weather! I have spent countless hours raking, digging, moving, digging, making new friends with my garden and digging.  I should never have to go to the gym again with all that digging! I just wanted to show you a few things that have been taking up my time!

I have been delighted watching these grow!

And finding treasures in the back yard that I have never seen before ...

as well as enjoying the Super Moon

Tootsie has been enjoying sunning and ...

listening to our patio music!

Nothing like using a solar panel to hook up some speakers to rock out to Pandora! Even better, propping up the speaker on an egg crate.

So in honor of the Spring Equinox, I will be celebrating with all week here showing bits and pieces of my yard!  

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  1. Beautiful Haven!! Just beautiful!! Your pictures are incredible! I wondered where you went!! Can't wait to see more photos! Have a good week!


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