Saturday, March 5, 2011

Botanical Gardens

Recently, I scored some half-off coupons for the local Botanical Gardens. They were also hosting a "Dog-Days of Winter," so we took Tootsie along. It was quite the adventure, I must say.

Within 5 minutes, Tootsie went to the bathroom on the sidewalk in the swanky gardens. I suddenly felt like parents everywhere when their child embarrasses them.

I felt like the time when I was around 4 and I asked my mother to take me home for some of that beer stuff as she was talking to another mother at the city pool.
She replied, "You mean root beer."
"No, that beer stuff," I said.
Needless to say, it was indeed root beer that I wanted. My mother never gave me beer. Ever.

We then got to play with some other dogs, where one rolled Tootsie because she was chasing after their ball. She also barked at some small children
 Yes, we have some social issues, why do you ask?

We changed Tootsie's name to this while at the Botanical Gardens ...

They had a tree house exhibit back in the fall, but there were some still standing!

Other than that, the best time we had was when we got in the car to go home.

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  1. I think all of our babies have some sort of "social issue" when they are in a new place with different folks and surroundings. But, we spoil them and love them so who cares, right?! Loved the tree house pictures. Glad y'all had a great time!! Enjoy this rainy weekend.


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