Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Menu 2011

January is normally a healthy month, but due to acquiring 10 pounds of meat, I will need to be a little creative. Hope you enjoy these recipes. Some I am trying for the first time, and others, are old favorites. I will have to post the broccoli soup later due to having the need to make it first before creating a recipe. That and having to call my mama first.
The only thing that I will not be eating, but Ken will would be the Salmon. I will be eating something out of the freezer, because I do not like fish. At all. Don't worry, I do try to take my omega threes.
• Taco Salad

• Pork Tenderloin
• Salad and Baked Potatoes


  1. I'm right there with you on the fish, however, I'm allergic to all seafood. People say I'm really missing out but I say the only thing I'm missing is a visit to the local ER! Hope your having a great Wednesday!

  2. i'm working so hard on meal planning instead of cooking the same 5 things. i have a few new things i'm trying this month and several substitutions to include healthier ingredients. we shall see how it goes, i've never really enjoyed cooking!


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