Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Well, we were home in Bama this weekend, and it was so nice. It was one of those weekends that all you really want to do is stay home and do what you want. That is basically what we did.

On Friday night, we saw:

If you want an intense and exciting movie, then you should see this. It is actually based on true events with a little Hollywood twist, of course.

On Saturday, after much debate, went kayaking down the Flint River. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! What a nice day to do this. I really think we are limited on nice days like this. I really enjoyed going down the river with leaves falling down all around me listening to my husband the poet. Our conversation went like this as we where enjoying our ride.

Ken: Darling, you look like you are in your element.
Haven: I feel very peaceful and relaxed.
Ken: Let your worries go like the leaves on the river
Haven: I did not know I was riding with Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Ken: Who?
Haven: Ralph Waldo Emerson. Do you know who that is?
Ken: He was a poet and didn't know it.

Yes, I think I am living with a poet that doesn't know it.

Here are a few pictures of what we saw:

Everybody needs a snack mule on the trip. Ken was ours! :)


We also visited with some family Saturday night, visited a new church, and enjoyed a good nap. Look forward to the speedy version of this week. I will be on the beach for the most part of the week at a counselor's convention and thinking about my sweet husband and doghter at home. I will be sharing some tutorials this week and some thanksgiving recipes next week as well as listening to any lines from my poet that doesn't know it. Have a wonderful week!

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