Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mod Podging Frames

The following project is very cute, very easy, and very inexpensive!

* $1 wooden frames from Michaels
* Mod Podge
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Scrapbook papers
* Ribbon
* Hot Glue Gun

Take out the cardboard insert and trace your frame on the backside of your scrapbook paper.

 Cut out what you traced
Paint the backside of the frames along with the small dowel. You will not see the front side of the frame due to mod podging it!

Make sure that you get lots of paint on your fingers!

Using your mod podge, brush your glue on the frame and then place your scrapbook paper over the top. Make sure that you get most of the wrinkles out as well as line up the edges of the paper to the frame.

This is one of the best thing that I saw on another blog. Use an emery board and file off the excess paper! It is amazing that this is so simple and easy!

 Add some ribbon. I made the bows and hot glued it to the top. Make sure that it is truly the top and not the bottom before you hot glue. I used what ribbon I had, but I think that wider wired ribbon would look great and easy to use.


I think this will make great Christmas happies for some friends at school! I am going to add some cardstock with some stamped initials. I need to go and get the ink in order to do so. So I will show you this later!

I will share how to make the rolled felt flowers that you see on some of these frames later on this week.


  1. Love this! It looks so easy. I am going to do this for office gifts. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I have made several of these for gifts. I love them and Julie they are so very easy!

  3. I love them!!I definitely need to do some of those. LOVE LOVE!!


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