Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Highlights

We had the very BEST weekend! Ken’s family came into to town. Family as in his Mama, Aunt Kay, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dewayne, Brittany, Kristyn, and Austin. It was a caravan any where that we went, but we had such a good time. I am just glad that my brother-in-law lives in town, so we had at least 4 extra bedrooms between us!

This is what our chalkboard said as the guests arrived …

And our home was truly filled with laughter and love with a little bit of good food and fellowship.

Here are th highlights:
• Ate at the beloved Cracker Barrel Friday night with Ken’s mom and Aunt Kay. The Country Chef Salad did not let me down.

• Ate a little quiche and some scrumptious sausage muffins with all the family Saturday morning with all the family.

• Began an adventure that included, for some, a two hour tour down at the Dirt Cheap. For others it was more like a four hour tour. We will leave all names anonymous due to not wanting the husbands to know all of our secrets.

• Skip lunch due to TOO MUCH SHOPPING. It is hard to stop when you are finding good bargains. Both cars were packed! I am just glad that we got home in one piece with all of our good buys.

• Continued on some adventures and decided to have a craft night when we got back. We went from Hobby Lobby and Trees and Trends to Michael’s. We felt very confident that we could make our craft night successful.

• Grilled out with some wonderful burgers and hotdogs, rotel, candy corn and peanuts, and brownies. And if we did not have enough to eat (you know the food is good, when it is gone), we decided to make s'mores in the fire pit.

The patio was warm on the cool night due to the wonderful conversation and laughter as well as the fire pit and turbo heater. Lots of memories that you will always remember.

• Craft night was on like donkey kong …. Ken made these for us:

• Brittany made a very cute burlap wreath, some cute throw pillows for her soon to be newly decorated bedroom (Oh, Josh will be so surprised and so proud!)

• Let me just tell you, we had the best craft night. Swapping craft ideas, making plans for future projects, inspiration was everywhere! It was so nice to hear our home being filled with wonderful conversation and laughter. We were all high, Clairee – just high on life!

• Sunday morning was more of the same. I really enjoyed getting up early and drinking coffee and snacking as we waiting on others to come over to devour some of this. Talking of college days and jabbering on about different things.

• Fun was had by all! I can’t wait for them to come back, and hopefully the rest of the family can come!


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