Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breaker, Breaker

Our living room was converted from a one-car garage way before Ken ever bought it. So we proudly display this lovely breaker box in our living room. We were having family coming in, and I wanted to cover this beautiful thing and add some flair.

We used some thin plywood that I painted the same color as this wall, added a $1 yard sale picture frame that I spray painted yellow, made a burlap wreath, and attached a "D" with some ribbon. Ken attached the frame to the plywood, making all one piece. Voila!

I was impressed with how little effort it took to create this! Even the burlap wreath did not take a long time! It was an easy fix to our little breaker box, and if we ever need to flip a switch we can just take the whole thing off.

I have a lot to share about my past weekend with Ken's family, so stay tuned on Wednesday. I just am waiting to steal borrow a few pictures from facebook.

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  1. I just love seeing how happy you two are. Y'all are so great! Love you!


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