Monday, September 20, 2010

Yo-Yo-ing with Fun Gifts

I am making some gifts for some cousins of mine that have welcomed a new sister in the family. I wanted them to enjoy this happy occasion with some cute stuff. I can remember each time I added a new sister to the family. The first time, I got a Cabbage Patch kid and a nice photo of me looking at my sister taking her first bath. There is no doubt that I am thinking "What on earth is this?" The second time, my sister and I got a pool and a nice photo of us in our two pieces and floaties. Did I mention that we were very healthy children? By this second sister of mine, I felt like a pro of new babies being born and coming home. I do think I remember thinking that I hope this was the last time ...  

Anyhoo ...

Here are a few things that I have made so far. I am also playing around with Picnik to edit and had glamour to my pictures, so enjoy.

Yo-Yo headbands

Yo-Yo Pins (I like this 1960's look)

Yo-Yo necklace that I am going to redo

And the complete Yo-Yo connection

So, I think I have just about mastered the yo-yo flower. I think I will try a new flower to obsess about! Hope you had a great Monday!

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