Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

I often lie (lay, whatever) in bed and can't sleep due to creating a blog post in my head. Has this ever happened to you? I can come up with some great posts, but often can't remember in the morning. If I was obsessed with my blog, I would get up and write about it. Thank goodness am not so obsessed that I would get up and write a post. No I am not. 

So ...

Here is my latest attempt at sewing. All I can say is that my mother did try to teach me some of her talented sewing skills, but I would not have it as a 14 year old. As a 28 year old, I wished I had paid a little more attention. So after consulting her, YouTubing it, and the rest of the world wide web, this is what I did...

Again, playing in Picnik, but I like the pops of yellow and gray in the room. Notice anything about the pillows?

A good seamstress would have caught that, me, however, did not follow the measure twice cut once method. I measured and cut. Cut that poor birds head clear off. It was all because of the bird that I bought the fabric. Darn. We can always have the other side. Lesson learned.

1 comment:

  1. I think it gives the pillow character! And will be a conversation starter when people come over. Great job!!


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