Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Highlights # 3

What a wonderful weekend! The weather was cooler, it rained, and we were DIYers!
  • We went to the Home and Outdoor Living show and got lots of ideas.
  • While we were at the Home Show, we went to a seminar called "Make Your Soil Work for You." I do believe we were 1 of 2 couples under the age of 50 there, but I loved every minute of it. Pictures to post soon.
  • Ken installed a bathroon fan so no more foggy mirrors!
  • I enjoyed some spray painting and had to go to church with yellow fingers.
  • Rocked out to some classic rock while painting in my living room. No more red wall. Again, will have to show you later, because we are literally watching the paint dry. Have I ever told you that I paint like a small child? I get it every where especially on myself. I don't mind painting, but Ken has to often take over.
  • Spent hours trying to figure out how to find and save SVG files to try play with my Cricut, only to get distracted trying to pick out fabric for some future projects.
  • Ken also made this Friday afternoon.

He calls it his ABB bench. Notice the upside down letters? He brought home some wood from a crate at work. I am hoping to use the rest of the wood to make window boxes.

We feel that we got a lot accomplished!
will post some of the other projects later.
Have a great week!

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