Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Randomness

I have really enjoyed this summer. It is the first summer since I was about 12 years old that I had absolutely no job, no school, not anything to do. I have really enjoyed spending countless hours walking Tootsie, watering my flowers and garden, reading books, spending time blogging, watching the Today show, and reruns of  Las Vegas and Cold Case during the day. I cook when I need to, always hoping it will be quick, because, frankly, it is too hot to be in the kitchen. I have a few more projects to do this summer. So this week, I hope to finally do some, of course while watching my daily shows and stalking blogs. I will post those later, if by chance the projects actually got started and completed, but in the mean time, here are some things that we have been doing. 


Opening boxes like this and then finding ...

Oh well, the toppled one is mine. The calories fell out, so I can enjoy eating it.

These cupcakes are wonderful. This was our wedding cake since we ate our topper about a month after we where married. I decided to note only get the wedding cake, but also the grooms cake - White Midnight and Cookies and Cream. We did enjoy ourselves, and I did walk 3 extra nights! Again, I really did not have to walk all of that extra because my calories fell out!
We saw the Huntsville Stars play ...



 It was nice weather, but be the old people that we are had to leave at 9:00 because it was a week night and time for bed.

We have grown some zinnias from seed.


I learned that when the zinnia tops brown and die, you can clip them off and place them in a bag in a dark place until spring. Then you plant the heads in your flower beds and you will never have to buy seed again. I can't wait to do just that!

We have grown some vegetables


  Oh I have plans for you, darlings!

Grew sunflowers


Arranged zinnias to put around the house


Played numerous rounds of ball with Tootsie


Hung out on the patio with Ken's parents. Who knew that you can throw a citronella candle in the chimney and it will not only burn, but will keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

Okay, random picture, but it reflects beauty, and projects. We finally got all the ceiling fans up, my very used garden gloves, and Tootsie club that will throw those tennis balls very far!

But, my most favorite picture of the summer is ....

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow your tomoatoes look great. Ours were ok this year but not as pretty as yours.


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