Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest Bedroom

Do you ever just want to go sit in one of your rooms in your house and just look at the beauty of it? I love coming in our guest room and just look at the pretties. I love this bedroom because my grandparents bought this furniture when they first got married back in 1936. I love the mirror because if you stand a certain way, you can look very skinny. I cannot tell you how many hours I would stand in that certain position of the mirror growing up. Maybe one day, I will share with you a picture of my childhood, when chips were a good friend, my mother cut off all my hair and then permed what I had left. Now is not the time. Maybe one day.

Anyway, my sweet mother who permed my hair made the beautiful curtains, the chair also belonged to my grandparents,who reupholstered it to match my blue room as a child, and the zinnias are from our garden.  I got it redone a few years back to a different color that doesn't go, so I just put a quilt over it. The pottery was given to me by my sweet godmother, and the jewelry displayed is my great-grandmothers. Enjoy ...

I still have a few things to do in this room like wait for a quilt at Target to go on clearance. I do enjoy this room and always offer it first over the other more masculine guest room. Ken's mother calls it her room, and I always love to make look good for her.


  1. Oh Haven it looks so pretty! You did an excellent job. I could so see you buying an antebellum home and running a B&B. It would be awesome!


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