Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Phone Call

So got a phone call this morning. I thought it was my alarm and when it didn't turn off, I realized it was my phone. Someone on the other line, who is never up this early, said that she would be on the Today Show. I quickly called all the family - some more appreciative than others for being woken up - and stood in front of my TV with a camera in one hand and was on the phone with my mom with the other. So who did I see - my sister Brook and her friends Bonnie, Melody, and Jen. I was so excited! I love the Today Show! I was even asked to join them last week, but stupidly thought I need to clean out my house rather than going to New York! Yes, I am kicking myself now. So, I just took lots of pictures and just pretended that I was there.

Jen Ingram is the girl looking toward the left.

My sister is the one with the only thing you can see is her eyes. The darker haired girl is our favorite hairdresser, Bonnie, and the blonde headed girl is Melody!



It looks like they had a great time!


  1. I love Good Morning America. Sometimes they will have Bill Evans on there and he is from our area and if folks are there from Meridian - he puts them on the front row and lets them talk!! I hope to go to New York one day. Soooo cool! Your sister and friends are now officially stars!!!

  2. New York would be my home in a heart beat!!! I love it ALL!!! LOVE IT!!! I am fond of the Today Show because my high school choir performed three different 30 second segments Easter Sunday Morning in 1997. WOW!! That has been a long time ago. I still get out my video and watch it from time to time. It was a blast. They fed us breakfast in the green room and everything. It was awesome!! Very cold that morning!!


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