Sunday, April 20, 2014

And Then There Were Two ...

God does have a sense of humor sometimes. 

He wrote this incredible story and put us on this amazing journey. 

All along, I said that I did not want April Fools babies.

He had better plans. 

Although April Fools is a day of pranks and jokes, we received neither that day, but rather within two quick minutes, we were a family of four plus our fur baby.

We happily introduce our sweet blessings from God!


We prayed for three things during this journey. 

That we would make it to 38 weeks. 

That we would have healthy babies that would not go to the NICU if all possible. 

And that breastfeeding would go well. 

We made it to 38 weeks 3 days. 

We had healthy babies where we got to experience skin to skin and immediate breastfeeding. 

We are still working on the whole nursing thing, but it did go well the first few days! 

We are so thankful for these sweet blessings! 


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