Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Nursery

Finally, I feel that our nursery is picture worthy.

We have only worked on it since I began panicking in December.

Ken recognizes crazy and just rolls with it.

Bless him.

The nursery has definitely been a group effort. I could not have done it without my sweet husband who has hung items throughout the room, moved furniture until it was just right, and put together whatever needed putting together as well as made the nicest closet in our home.

I may be a little jealous of the closet. These babies have no idea.

Mama helped me sew trim on the curtains and make the mobiles.

I am so thankful for her mad sewing skills. I would still be working on those birds and would not be offering showers of praise words.

Mama and Daddy found the extra crib along with other numerous items.

Middle provided the giraffes and window picture from her mission work in Africa. She bought one giraffe a few years ago, and then had to order another one when we found out there were two babies. Apparently, the precious man felt rushed, because one giraffe looks a little crunk while the other is all sweet and peace.

Predicting personalities of our babies, perhaps?

I love that there are people in Africa praying over our children.

Baby sister and Mama have contributed to a lot of the clothes in the closet and drawers.

One of my lovely teacher/neighbor friends made the bedding. It is exactly as I imagined. She, Ken, and I just giggled putting all that bedding on.

Oh happy day!

As you can tell, this nursery was planned with a lot of love.

All in all, the nursery is ready for the babies to come, but we want them to come when they are healthy and ready. 

It cracks me up that we did all this work, and those babies could care less. 

All they need is love, some food, and a place to catch their zzz's.

Thank you, friends, for celebrating this day with me!

We are so blessed and God is so good!

This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes.
~ Psalm 118:23

Resource list:

Paint Color: Valspar Ante Meridian
Curtains and Trim: Ikea Vivan curtains and trim from emmyandsoph on Etsy. 
Fabric: Yellow and white polka dots - Hobby Lobby
Aqua and cream duck cloth - Hobby Lobby
Owl Fabric - Buy Fabric

Displaying photo.JPG

Breathable Mesh Bumper, changing pad: Amazon
Baby Beds: ReStore and Target
Mobiles: made by my mother and me using this pattern for the birds. The rest of the material was a quilting hoop wrapped with fabric, thin white fabric that was feathered, and white cord string.
Names over the bed - made by Middle
"Hallelujah" sign, picture holders, hanging lampshade, and "Mama Rock, Daddy Rock" sign (based on a song that Loretta Lynn sang) - made by Ken and me
Giraffe and Window picture - given by Middle from her mission work in Africa
Shoes on chest of drawers - my child hood shoes
Basket on changing table - bought from the Miss Mustard Seed, whom I met in October, but never blogged about. 
The rest were thrifted here and there



  1. I love the look!!! And they will be so proud of their room! I see you did get another crib... but I love that they are so close together. Not much longer until they will be enjoying their new room!!

  2. It's adorable! They will love it!!

  3. I love it, Haven! It is absolutely fabulous! Those babies are so lucky to have you and Ken.


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