Saturday, February 22, 2014

Infertility Confessions, Part 1 - The Annoucement

Our long journey began three short years ago when we happily announced to our family and friends that we were "trying."

We were so excited and felt that we would not have any problems. 

Mother Nature had always knocked on my door in a consist matter, and no one in my family had issues with getting pregnant that I knew of. 

We believed it would only take a few months. 

Little did we know that God had other plans. 

The first year, we celebrated a friend bringing home her second child and another announcing her pregnancy.

I made a mad dash to Memphis to be apart of the sweet bundle of joy's arrival.

I was even breathing like his mother in the delivery room which about made me pass out, but I got to see that sweet baby enter in this world while his daddy and I held his mother's feet on our hips. 

It was a wonderful experience! 

After his birth, another friend announced her pregnancy. We celebrated this news with her, but wondered why it was taking us so long. 

We also began to take action by talking with our doctor about what might be causing our lack of getting pregnant. 

There are only so many times you can sing the "Red Solo Cup" song before taking a pregnancy test to realize that something is wrong. 

He encouraged us to use the ovulation kits to see if I was ovulating.

I was not. 

Around the same time, budget cuts moved me out of my counseling position and into an 8th grade classroom at the same school. 

Emotions were high to say the least. 

Our next adventure was Clomid.

Now, I know that Clomid affects people in many different ways. 

Some people have the luxury of not being affected at all, while others, like me, experience high amounts of anxiety.

I can tell you from experience that anxiety and guiding middle school children do not mix. 

I had to learn to take a step back and speak as little as possible when I was taking Clomid for a few days. 

The only fun part I can say about being on this medication is that my eyesight would get psychedelic in the mornings when I opened the fridge to get my creamer out when I was on high dosages. 

During this time, I also had two procedures to check to see what was going on .

The first was to check to make sure my tubes were open, and they were.

The second was a laparoscopy, where we found out that I had endometriosis along with a fibroid in the lining of my uterus.

After a couple of rounds of Clomid and finding out having endometriosis, we did not see success, so we were referred to a fertility doctor. 


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