Thursday, February 6, 2014

Family and Friends Shower

Our shower! Our shower!

Lace, burlap, and hints of blue and pink draped over anything that would stay still!

Pretty glass, Mississippi pottery, and fine silver were used to display the delicious food prepared by fabulous Southern Women.

(It was so nice to have this sweet lady's spirit present, for she would have loved the vintage flair of the shower!)

Snack plates were even used for guest to same the delicious delicacies.

The fabulously, delicious cake and cupcakes were displayed on a handmade cupcake stand made by my sister and daddy from my aunt's old barn wood. 

The beautiful wildflower seed favors where displayed on top of lace on a handmade wheelbarrow that first made it's appearance at a friend's wedding.

The shower would not be complete without a gorgeous chalkboard with lovely art work celebrating the reason of the day.

The flowers were just perfect as was the setting at the exquisite Montrose in Holly Springs, MS.

We even used the Make Way for Ducklings book from the gender reveal for the sign in book here as well.

Even though it was a little cold, the sun was shining through the antique windows.

There was even an old toy box to store the gifts from the 70ish guests that came to celebrate the day with us. How blessed we are!

It was absolutely perfect, and I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.

We received nice, useful gifts and a many sentimental gifts.

My sweet mother-in-law, in addition to a car seat, gave us Ken's coming home outfit and a quilt his great grandmother made him when he was born.

My friends gave us a "favorites basket" full of their favorite baby things including some handmade items.

Now this quilt was special.

It was made by my precious grandmother

Apparently, 59 years ago, she embroidered squares for her first child, and then her mother pieced it together by the time she had her third child, my mother.

My grandmother and mother have been working on a quilts for both babies. This is Wesley's and Selah's will be here soon.

These babies have no idea how loved they are!

Mama is an exceptional seamstress and smocked many of our outfits over the years. So the babies were no exception.

She made Selah a dress and a bonnet

She also made Wesley a little outfit, but I will have to post that one later.

We were so blessed with lovely gifts. Many of which were monogrammed. My children will know how to spell their name before they walk. Baby Sister alone has several onesies monogrammed with matching bibs.

Our hostesses were superb and everything was so beautiful and elegant. I cannot thank them enough.

Future "LeLe" and aunts

Future "DeDe"

It was so good to see and visit with people who have had such an impact on my life. How wonderful it is to have family and friends that love and support you in good times and in bad. Thank goodness for the good times.

We appreciate your kindness and generosity during the special time in our life! 


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