Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Craft Fair

Last Thursday, we participated in the Sidewalks Art Stroll in downtown Huntsville, Alabama.

This was a huge night, in that Huntsville was kicking off their Arts District and new open-container laws as well as continuing the weekly tradition of the Farmer's Market. 

It was packed with people, and a perfect night for an stroll with inspiration, food, and spirits at every turn. 

Our booth was tucked nicely in the shade and we took full advantage of it! 

This is half of it ...

and the other half of it ...

and I wished we had taken a picture of the end of the night, because we did sell a lot, however, there were dark clouds rolling in which caused a scramble to load everything up.

We met a lot of people and were supported by family and friends by the droves. 

There is no better feeling than know you are loved and supported in your dreams. 

We truly appreciate all those that came out, hung out, offered suggestions, and left with our signs and cards for future purchases. 

We even had a friend whose husband got a gift certificate from us for her to spend that night. There was a collected, "Awwwe," from everyone who saw it. 

Husbands, that is worth taking notes over. :)


We don't know what direction this is going to take us. We do feel that God is opening doors for us, but how far, we do not know. 

We are still in the developing stages, planning for new products, and enjoying this season of life. 

It is often hard to describe our craft. I have tried being sophisticated and say that we sell typography word art and shabby chic organizational home decor. We got a lot of blank stares and heard some crickets.

So basically we are sign makers that enjoy making products that bring smiles to people's faces.  

We love every minute of it! 

We also offer other shabby chic accessories like chicken wire frames, banners, lampshades, chalkboards, pinwheels, organizational boards, and have plans of expanding to something that we are still working on. It will be fun and neat! We are excited!

We hope to be at the Sidewalk Stroll again in downtown Huntsville on July 18 and would love to see you there!


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  1. Awe I just love it all and am so proud of you guys! I can't wait to hear all about it!


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