Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Highlights - Celebrations

This weekend involved dividing our household. 

The Husband went North for a bachelor's party. 

The Wife went west for a celebration of Middle and Mama's birthdays. 

Its a good that that husband went North because I had to make a pit stop at the Goodwill in Corinth. They have the best bathrooms and $.99 handkerchiefs. I would hate for him to roll his eyes at the cleanest bathroom in Corinth. 

Before I go any further let me briefly explain birthday celebrations in my family.

They are actually food marathons, and its a good thing that we have been training all our lives for this particular feat. 

Ken is still trying to get in shape for the food marathons. 


Friday involved presents to help in Middle's balcony makeover and delicious, hot pizza from Lost Pizza Company in Southaven. If you add spinach to it, that makes it healthy, right? 

Middle's BFF came over to visit and join in the food marathon. 

As luck would have it, we also found a long lost caramel pie in the freezer. 

Remember, though, we did have spinach on our pizza. 

Saturday involved some wet yard selling, junking, and having to rearrange the car at every stop.
By the time we were done, nearly everyone was holding something in their lap and was leaning forward due to the full sized head board in the back.


That is what I call a successful junkin' day. That and breakfast at the Arcade in downtown Memphis. 


What better to end a successful junkin' day than with a 24 oz steak at Como Steakhouse where

(I did not eat all of this in one setting. I did save some for the next day.)

Some people do not share well ... :)


If you ever get a change to go to Como, there is more there than scrumptious food.


There is also a quaint downtown that is hopping on a Saturday night as well as streets and streets of beautiful old homes. 

Sunday involved coffee and conversations on the newly redecorated balcony. 

Which caused us to be late for church, and on top of being late, I had to get gas. 

Middle went on ahead in her car and walked in where the congregation immediately started singing Happy Birthday to her. :)

I luckily snuck in late and learned that Jesus was not my co-pilot, but really more my pilot. 

The sermon reaffirmed that my guardian angel was my co-pilot that morning as I was driving fast to see Jesus at church.

We finished out the day by eating at Taylor's Buffet in New Albany. 

It was a fabulous weekend with family, friends, and food. 

I would like to thank my family for footing the majority of the food bill this weekend. Without you, I would not be eating cereal for the majority of my meals this week. 


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