Friday, December 14, 2012

How Lovely are Your Branches

or lack there of ... and that is okay. :)

These branches consist of a variety of things that I had on hand.

My "love" basket. On of my favorite things in this room. The font is Lullaby that I printed on craft paper and glued to scrapbook paper. The flower is from some old sewing patterns. 

Glitter Book Page Ornaments

One of my new favorites! I made these from vintage sewing patterns. I may be slightly obsessed with sewing patterns right now. 

A banner made from, what else, the vintage sewing pattern directions. I used this at shower for a special friend at school.

My Sweet Song Birdies

Because this season we should, "Go Tell It."

This is also one of my favorite Christmas songs

Another one of my new favorite ornaments made from small hoops, fabric, lace, and buttons. 

You can also see the pickle on my tree. You can read about it here

So there you have it - our whimsical tree. 



  1. Mrs. Daniels... first of all... your Christmas card is by far my favorite so far! NOT EVEN KIDDING HERE! That picture of you and Ken kissing with Toots in the foreground.... LOVE!!!! And it's making a debut on our blog this morning. =)

    And I love your Christmas decor this year. Sometimes it is good to focus on the simple things in life and let that beauty shine. I know y'all will have a Merry Christmas, and hopefully next year, a few "new" ornaments will be added to the tree! PRAYING! =)

  2. You are just too amazing and crafty chicky!!


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