Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yellowstone Adventures ... Sights Throughout the Park

Happy 4th! I am so thankful for freedom, family, and fun! 
I appreciate those of you who have been here looking through our awesome vacation. I feel as if I may or may not be holding you hostage by having all these vacation slides to look through. Hopefully, I will have some new material next week! :)


We started our first day going through 

which is the south entrance to Yellowstone. 

We eventually made it to ...

which was nice to see, but not something that I would have to go back and see. I was surprised to see other geysers and pools around the famous landmark. 

This happened to beginning of the boardwalk which we happened to get into a sticky situation. 

There was another geyser that we just happened to see. It only erupts during a 4 hour span, so you never know exactly what time it will come. Kinda like the cable man. 

I thought it was more spectacular than Old Faithful. 

Old Faithful Inn

built in the early 1900's. 

I loved the Crow's Nest, but was not able to actually go up. It was something about not being able to handle all the weight these days. Back in the day, however, this is where they put the band to play down on the people below. 

I was amazed at the woodwork, and that it was still intact. 

After a quick lunch, we hit the road again for some beautiful scenery. 

What I loved about the park was that you did not see the same landscape twice. 

My favorite part! 

Back in the early 1900's, the army occupied this town. It still had really cute buildings, hotels, and houses. 

Mammoth Springs. 

Looking back over Mammoth Hot Springs.  

Our wacky picture as we were leaving ... 

I am so glad that we took this trip, and cannot wait to go back. You could stay out there for weeks because there is so much to see! 

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