Friday, July 6, 2012

The Snake River Swim Team and Trip Highlights

We battled the Snake River on a 21-mile scenic/rapids combo and relived our Oregon Trail Days. 

One of our big highlights of this trip was joining The Snake River Swim Team. 

What is this, you ask?

Well, if you raft down the Snake River and jump in the 30 degree water, you automatically join The Snake River Swim Team. Granted it was 60 degrees outside, but seriously, as cold as the water was, it felt good to jump in. 

The interesting part was getting back in. 

Your face kinda went down the inside of your life jacket. Poor nose. 

All smiles! 

Another interesting part was getting in and out of those wet suits. 

There are no pictures of that, so you will just have to visualize. 

Talk about self confidence, when no one ask your size, but just looks you up and down and hands you something. Lovely. 

Other funnies from the trip:

- Ken asked me to shave his neck line one morning, and I did alone with taking a gap out of his hairline. 
Please, it was 4:30 in the morning, I had not had my coffee, and I was somewhat delirious and excited about the day.

All I could do was laugh. He wanted to cry. 

- My water bottle fell out of my pocket and into the toilet at Old Faithful. So fishing I went. 

- Also at Old Faithful, there was a Greyhound bus that pulled up. You notice big buses, but when nothing but  real Monks trail off, you don't notice that you are staring. Everybody was in the cafeteria, except for Baby Sister. She was on the porch snapping away. 

- I tore our room up looking for my bra, only to realize I was wearing it. 

- Daddy almost got me eaten by an elk. 

- We visited the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Were you sit on saddles 

and admire the old coins in the counter. 

- We played Shake a Day - a local game of Yahtzee. :)

- Our last picture in Wyoming - at the Elk Ranch. 

It was a great trip with lots of memories, stories, great food, and lots of naps. 

I cannot wait to repeat it.  

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