Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was our first weekend home in a month, and it was quite refreshing. 

I do believe, we slept, ate, played, and repeated several times. 

Friday, we had a weather day at school, so I was at home dreaming of projects, doing a little cleaning, and cooking a scrumptious lunch for my honey. I just love it when Ken comes home for lunch! 

I do believe that I added to my housewife resume'.

Saturday, Ken began and finished a project that I have been dreaming of! 

All I can say is I feel like I have a playhouse again! I promise to show you when the time comes! 

This project spawned a couple of other projects, and it felt so good to be creative again. 

After the rush of creativity, replanting my zinnias, and running to Lowes, 

we decided to hit the river with Captain Tootsie

I love the rows of boathouses as we enter the river! 

After about 4 hours of water time and working on our bass tracker tans, we celebrated Cinco De Mayo in style ...

In the comfort of our living room with takeout chips, salsa, and cheese dip while watching Unfaithful on our my 8 channel. Got to love the antenna and the nearest Mexican restaurant. 

Sunday, we awoke to a wonderful thunderstorm. I love storms especially when they bring rain. God knew I was going to water everything Sunday morning, and He decided that He would take care of it for me. 

After eating, going to church, sleeping (see, I told you) we played in the yard all day! 

We enjoyed eating again while the sun was setting. You can't see it because I am still figuring out my camera. 

We watched the storm come in ...

And the flames from the citronella candle as we enjoyed each others company. 

I hope to repeat it again very soon! 

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  1. It sounds like such a wonderful weekend Haven! Welcome back home! I can't wait to see your playhouse!



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