Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Highlights ... Happy Birthday to Mama and Middle Sister!

This weekend we were back in the great state of Mississippi where we enjoyed riding back roads, smelling the fresh Mississippi air, and watching the sun set on our way to Potts Camp. 

Ken was happy ...

I was happy ...

and, well, you can decide for yourself about Tootsie! 

Upon arrival, we were serenaded by Ken's dad and his new guitar, and stayed up too late trying to decide on our plans for Saturday. 

So on Saturday morning, Mama and I headed to Memphis to meet Middle Sister to celebrate their birthdays. 

We ate here. 

Took pictures ...

The Birthday Girls!!!

Mama and I decided to dress a like. Don't you dress like your mother?

Middle and Me

and had loads of coffee, scrumptious food, and good conversation. 

There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning. 

We then perused down Central Avenue hitting every thrift store and antique shop we could find because it is good for the soul. 

We then saw this, and my heart about leaped out of my chest. 

Middle Sister got some old beadboard strips to hang pictures, and a bed. We pulled into another store looking this trying to find bed rails. 

View IMAG0244.jpg in slide show
(camera phone)

We scored, and to make sure that it fit, we put the bed together in the parking lot. 

I got burlap coffee bags for less than $2 a piece. Pillows, anyone?

Daddy had been calling at this point, so we had to speed on down the road (After stopping at 2 more stores. Don't tell.) to enjoy his birthday feast that he made for Middle Sister and Mama. This feast included the best steaks in the world, crappie, bream, potatoes, bread, and hush puppies. Mama Betty made slaw and coconut pies while we contributed a red velvet cake from Westside (it is the same desserts that they serve at Newks - mmm ... good!)

If you ever read our expeditions to Mississippi, you know we always eat good at every meal. 

On our way home, this is what we saw in between her snoring. I think she was tuckered. 

When we got home, this is what I saw! 

Squash and Zucchini plants growing ...

Bush beans ...

Lettuce and broccoli ...


and creative reading! 

So Happy Birthday to Mama and Brook! 

I hope it is as fabulous as you are! 


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  1. That picture of Toots on the way home is PRICELESS!!!


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