Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This would be week three of having a weekend social calendar, and as always is was full of good times!

Ken darling was in a wedding in the big town of Hatley, Mississippi, in which we stayed in Amory. When we checked in, it was written on our receipt that we were with the Karate Clinic. Um, do we look like karate people? I mean I can kick, stretch, and kick, but not that high. I might fall on the ba-dunka-dunk.

The rehearsal dinner was off on some back roads in a hole in the wall - my kind of place. It was very good. I had the Del Monaco Steak,( in which I rarely ever order steak due to Daddy Dearest makes the best in the world), and Ken got the all you can eat surf platter. It was preceded by homemade dessert by the groom’s mother. Delicious! 

Saturday, we watched Flip this House – Los Angeles (and was so excited to be able to watch cable, because we do not have it) and decided to ride around to look at the pretty old houses. 

I found this one, and so wanted to flip it. 

Doesn’t it speak to you? 

We went peeking in windows and saw beautiful hardwood floors, high ceiling, and gorgeous fixtures, even a claw foot tub. If we could have gotten in, we would, because we were dieing to see the inside. However, I did not think using my B&E skills would be the most brilliant thing since Ken had a wedding and all to be in later. So we just peeked and took pictures.

I love how the bride wrote on a chalkboard, "This wedding was brought to you by Pinterest!" It was beautiful. It has a slight peacock theme, lots of burlaps, lace, and beautiful flowers everywhere.

Here is Ken's boutonniere

There was a good Baptist reception, where the Baptists swarmed on the food. I am Baptist myself, so I know how to work it. However, I was never so glad that my husband was in a wedding when not only did he find me a seat, he also had me a plate of food. I was a happy Baptist.

Now, if you were anywhere in Northeast Mississippi, you know that it was colder than cold since it was 51 degrees and all. Thank goodness for Walmart clearance racks, because it practically outfitted the bridal party and their significant others for the second reception at the family house. This reception included an awesome DJ and plenty of beverages to go around. It was also brought to us by Pinterest. What would we do without it?

 My favorite part about this wedding was getting to know all the other groomsmen’s wives and girlfriends. There was lots of laughter and swapping stories amongst us as well as the great-stay-at-home-mom spill. It was fun trying to convince the guys that this was clearly the best method of raising children. I think we still have a little convincing to do.

I do not have any pictures of the wedding, because I think it is rude to take pictures at someone else’s wedding. That, and I do think I could sneak my good camera without getting some looks.

Sunday, we went to Columbus for Baby Hughes’s dedication. He was so cute in his little outfit and hat. I did not get any pictures of that either due to my coffee not kicking in quick enough for me to remember to get it out of the car. I did manage to sneak some after lunch.

I stole this one from Facebook of the lovely family so you can see the cute blue and white coordination. Lea Ann even had blue on, but you cannot see it in the picture. : )

By the time we made it back in our area, this is what greeted us! 

By the way, we would like to welcome the 55 + members from Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Columbus, MS! They will be visiting the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, and I hope they get a little taste of Clementine's! 

So my social calendar has been very full, and I got another week of fullness – celebrating Middle Sister and Mama Hale’s birthdays. After that it will be a nice little break before it picks up again. I am so ready for that hazy, crazy days of summer! 



  1. I agree that house is just wonderful! Glad you had a great weekend! Love you!

  2. Love older homes. Wish we would buy one and make it our home, but Terry is strongly against it. Ha! House hunting is fun with him... he wants everything new. I told him, you know I'm still gonna paint, change light fixtures, flooring and countertops and he said, I can handle all of that. LOL One day, maybe, right? A girl can dream of creaking floors! =)


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