Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally ... A Kitchen Reveal!

I am so glad to report that we are about 95% done with the kitchen!

That is enough to take take some pictures and share!




Even though I wrote about the prepping process, here is a quick run down of all that we did.

We painted the walls a grayish white that turned more white that is called Woodlawn Dewkist

We used Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformations's Winter Fog as our cabinet color.

We added butcher block countertops, new kitchen "jewelry," shiny new sink, and a new faucet.

We added a beadboard backsplash to cover the wonky walls.

We met lots of snags along the way.

I did the dreaming and scrubbing, and Ken did all the hard stuff. I am so proud of him, and it would not have looked this good with out his innovative ways! 

 Fresh Azaleas from the garden!

The glass knobs are probably my favorite thing in the kitchen.

You don't realize how dirty your old sink is until you get a new one. I love that this sink is very deep, and I am enjoying washing dishes again. The faucet completes the look of a cottage feel, and I can turn it on with my wrist. This works great after dealing with raw meat! :)

I also love the bin pulls and the dull satin knobs.

This part was a huge debate. We got a new vent hood but did not know what to do over it. I liked our old vent hood, but it was not installed correctly. I am so glad that we agreed on open shelving!

Another view of the kitchen ...

 Breakfast room.

Peter's Pottery White Love Birds on some wrapped books.

Oh Happy Day indeed!

So here is a side by side:

Just a few more things, and we are DONE!!!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! You and Ken did an AWESOME job! What a transformation!

  2. AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!! FABULOUS!!! Yall did a fantastic job!!! Now enjoy!

  3. I love it! What was your paint color? I bought a brand new cono and my walls are still an ugly beige because I am a coward about choosing a color. I become overwhelmed with choices. I wish you lived net door so you could advise me! I am tempted to send you photos...great job on your gorgeous perfect kitchen!

    Your cuz, Tracey

  4. Everything looks amazing! I know y'all are happy to have it almost behind you, however, I know y'all will start a new project soon! =)

    I love the glass knobs. Where did you get them? The house we are looking to buy, I want to do something fun with the knobs in there!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow! Awesome job!! I know you'll enjoy it soooooo much! Impressive!!!!

  7. this looks SO good!!You can come be my decorator when I get a house. :)

  8. That looks great! Did you paint the beadboard with something water resistant or just seal it? We will be doing a mini kitchen remodel in our new house and was just wondering.

  9. I'm all over your blog tonight! I'm not stalking since I'm letting you know I'm here right? Ha I love all of your "containers" on your counter-- the dish your coffee pot and canister is in and the wicker basket your canisters and fruit tower thingy is in! Inspiration!! :-)


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