Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weekend I went home to Mississippi and stayed with my sisters.
There are no pictures, only wonderful memories!

I probably should have titled this, "My Whirlwind of Seeing Friends, Family, and Eating My Way Through Memphis and North Mississippi."

On Friday, my sisters and I met our parents and uncle at Pete and Sam's, our favorite Italian restaurant.

Middle sister and I shared the Eggplant Parmesan, Italian Spinach, and Mini Pizza.

Delicious does not even describe it.

We then found our way on an old route that we used to take, and some how wound up with a dozen hot glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnouts. Since I was the designated driver, I only had two.

Middle sister asked me what my plans where the next day, and I replied, "We will eat breakfast and then lunch."

Priorities, people.

Brother Juniper's and an open face omelet with cheese grits and toasts where on our plates for breakfast.

We got to sit at the bar with the beautiful butcher block counter top. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. It is probably best that I don't live close, because I may indeed become the "Norm" of Brother Juniper's.

For brunch, I met up with my fabulous friends from Southaven at the Starbucks. We laughed, we cried, and we had a great time. I miss those ladies so much, and am so glad that God place them in my lives when I need some guidance and a lot of laughter. They truly are the best.

Well, lunch was a hit at Newks with my friend Brooke and her sweet daughter. Now, I only had a small salad since I ate at the butcher block bar, but I was mainly here for the conversation. Brooke and I taught our first two years together, and had a great time. We just clicked, and no matter how long it has been, we always pick up where we leave off. We had a great time catching up and reminiscing. She is a very talented decorator and mother, and I am so glad that she is my friend. 

We took a breather for a moment and sat to have pedicures to our lovely winter feet as well as did a little shopping for Middle sisters departure to Africa next Sunday for 9 days.

After we made our last stop, we then headed to the Germantown Commissary to meet our Cotton friends and there sweet baby boy. The Cheese Plate was divine as well as the company. There is nothing better than feeding a precious baby, getting passed Pig Sticks (sweet potato fries) with honey mustard, and having fun conversations with great friends.

The best part about this weekend is coming home relaxed and seeing my own family running out the door to welcome me home.

Life is wonderful even with the ups and downs.

I am just glad that I have great family and friends to give me guidance, put a smile on my face, and laughter in my heart.

Please be thinking of Middle sister as she travels to Africa. I hope that she has a great trip and allow God to speak through her to help the women and families there.

Hope your week is great!

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  1. Fun times it sounds! I was in a local store yesterday and they had coffee mug peice of pottery with an ornate design of the state of Mississippi on it that was precious! Funny how you leave a place and things become more memorable. What an honor for your sister to embark on this incredible journey! She is sure to be changed. I have always wanted to go but, it hasn't been my time yet! Take care!!


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