Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm No Food Photographer & A Recipe for Those That Eyeball ...

Well, I guess this week will be about photography or the lack thereof!

I am no Food Photographer, but I want to be a better, creative photographer one day.

Right now this is what I am feeling ...

And that is okay! It makes me laugh!
Photography, especially food photography is a beautiful thing that takes a lot of practice. My quest does not include being the next Pioneer Woman. I just want to have satisfaction in my photography. I don't care to get paid. I get tickled pink when something comes out like I imagined it.

So on to the recipe ...

There is a lady at school that makes a delicious pimento cheese. Everybody loves it, but I think I love it more than anyone else. She shared her recipe, but it one of eyeball type of ingredients just like I like it. So mine version is not perfect, but it is close.

Pimento Cheese:

(1) 8 oz Cream Cheese (I used the 1/3 version for less fat)
(1) extra sharp bar of cheese grated
(1) small jar of pimentos
Minced garlic to taste
Onions (green or powder) to taste

Mix all ingredients together, and enjoy with crackers or bread.

I made this recipe as a grilled pimento cheese with bacon (as shown at the very top). And it was good.  

As I mentioned before, Southern Living did a spread about pimento cheese in last month's issue. It is my quest to perfect it!

How do you make your pimento cheese?



  1. We aren't in to pimento cheese... is it really that good? Maybe it's something we should try a lot of recipes on til we find the one that we like best??!!

  2. Oh Haven.......the cupcakes made me giggle too. Thanks for the laugh! Love ya!


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