Monday, January 9, 2012

Photography ... As much as I know and helpful links

I am sure that many of you may have gotten a camera for Christmas or already have one. I am no professional by any means and have a lot of learning to do myself. I thought, however, that we all need to be challenged to learn a little more. 

As you know Middle Sister is a photographer, and I am so glad that she is. She has given me several tidbits here and there, and there are several that stuck with me including:

1. Begin Learning in AV Mode and Then Move to Manual ...

AV stands for "aperture value," but beyond that, I do not know more other than when using AV mode, you can manipulate two of the three things - ISO and aperture  - while the camera manipulates the speed. This helps give you a "feel" of what you want to do in manual. 

In manual, you manipulate all three things.

(After reading my blog post, Middle sister called and corrected me on the above, and then asked for dip recipes. I told you that I am no expert on cameras, however, on dips, for the big game, I am.)

2. Don't Always Use Your Flash ...

The other thing I found helpful is not to use your flash but only 10% of the time. This has been huge! I love using the natural light to create a lovely picture. I use the morning light on the front of my house and the afternoon light on the back. This tip alone, has really helped me! 

3. Use a Tripod ...
A tripod helps prevent shaking that may effect your pictures. By using a tripod, you are almost guaranteed a beautiful picture. I don't always do this because sometimes I am in a hurry and don't want to take the time, however I did use it when taking this picture:

I got my tripod at Wal-Mart about $28.00.

Here is what camera I have ...

Canon Rebel T1i and 50 mm lens

I love the 50mm lens it that it captures a little more detail than my other due to being able to manipulate the aperture more.

Here are some helpful links that has helped me to learn more ... 

The Pioneer Woman - What the Heck is Shutter Speed

Pinterest also had this cheat sheet ...

The best thing to do is just to get out there and begin.

This past summer, I used my camera every day and learned some of the basics. This summer, I plan to do the same as well as conquer Photoshop Elements!

Do you have any good photography tips?

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  1. Great tips! I admit I'm still in the AV mode... I haven't ventured to manual yet. But I do hardly ever use my flash, which definitely makes for much better pictures! My other tip would be to find the spot in your house that has the best natural lighting and shoot most of your shots there!


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