Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Highlights and My Christmas Door Hanger

This weekend was wonderful as most weekends are.

I visited a handsome little baby on Friday. Welcome to the world, Samuel Hughes!

Saturday was spent baking neighbor gifts ...

with this handsome man.

He washed all the dishes, bless his heart, and drove the delivery van. He is definitely a keeper.

Saturday night, we had a fabulous dinner with some friends who also reads our blog! Hi, Stephenie!

But on Sunday ...

This little girl, however, may or may not have been for sale.

While we were out playing Santa Claus for a child at school, she was more or less enjoying her an entire pan of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. That is right, the entire pan. She got it off the stove, took the ribbon off, lifted the lid, and helped herself. Wonder if she can learn to vacuum?

At what you really clicked on my link for ...

Here is my door hanger ...

I love the red and brown webbing and am constantly trying to think of new ways to use it. I am also a burlap user and bling is my middle name. With that thought process, this combination was made up and it was not time consuming at all. Just cheery and bright.

Stay tuned this week for one more ornament and my Christmas decorations room by room along with our Christmas Card.

Happy Week Before Christmas!

Stay Sane.


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