Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simply Wrapping

Since my theme is "Simply Christmas," I decided to even wrap my gifts in a simple style of contractor's paper and jute with a stamped tag.

I love wrapping in plain paper! As a teenager, I would get packing paper, paint, and cookie cutters to create my own wrapping paper. What fun it was to design your own paper. These days, however, I will stick to the more simple of the two.

What are your wrapping your gifts with?


  1. Apparently, my theme for Christmas is simple too-- our Christmas storybooks/decorations/tree/wrapping paper that I found on clearance is in storage. Every time Ron and I planned to go get our stuff, it rains or snows! Finally 2 days ago, I went to Target and bought a small, but pretty, pre-lit tree and some wrapping paper and just went with it. Usually, we have out-of-town guests every year so it pushes me to go the extra mile, but this year we are not. It is nice in some ways to simplify:) I miss you! Merry 'Simply' Christmas!

  2. I just got on such a rambling kick with my first comment that I forgot to say, I like how you are wrapping gifts. I think those simple packages under the tree look so pretty!

  3. i JUST bought all of my wrapping stuff this week and I got the same brown paper, same jude, same tags only i'm going to use glue and glitter for the initial. too cool!

    (Since they only had one pack of tags left I also bought some christmasy scrapbook paper and i'll just cute some initial letters out of that!)

    yay simple wrapping paper!

  4. Dearest Haven ;)...been meaning to tell you to look at a GAP window. They've got the same wrapping (brown packing paper), but they've used different colors of yarn and gone around the box several times to get the prettiest look. Love all the decor & can't wait to see you!

  5. My goodness, that is simply lovely! Where did you get your plain paper? I would love to have a big fat roll of that to use all year round!


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